Best Travel Wallet to Hold your Essentials


Travelling at least a couple of times a year is essential for everyone. Travelling lets you take a step back from the real world, allowing you to unwind your mind and body from all the stress and responsibilities you have. In order to travel with ease, there are some travel essentials you need to take with you. We have listed the top 4 essentials items that you need to carry:
  • Lotions - Getting acclimatised to a new temperature can be harsh. To protect your skin, make sure to carry at least one of the following creams: A sunscreen lotion, a mosquito-repellent lotion, and a normal moisturizing lotion.
  • Personal Hygiene Items - Going from one place to another is fun and games until you realize you need to take a bathroom break or you need to wipe off an unknown substance liquid you touched on the bus. When travelling anywhere, make sure to bring the following items: Sanitizing alcohol, wet wipes and tissue, soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrush, and additional hygiene products.
  • Hand Carry Bag - Choose a sturdy hand carry bag. Your hand carry bag is where you’ll be putting most of your items when you leave your hotel room. There’s nothing worse than carrying around your bag on your hands simply because the strap has broken or because the zipper won’t shut close.
  • A Wallet - Having a good, reliable wallet is important, especially when you’re travelling. You must avoid losing any important item at all costs when you’re far from home. In some cases, it might even be impossible to retrieve your items once you lose them!
Unfortunately, not all wallet companies have your best interest in mind. As you know by now, losing an item even if they’ve been secured inside a wallet is still a fairly common thing. The reason is a lot of traditional wallets are not designed to fully secure your items. In fact, a lot of men reported that their wallets make their pockets look bulky and unprofessional. Luckily for you, Vault Design made this helpful guide to help you pick the best wallet for your needs. Here are a couple of important things you need to consider when picking a wallet that’s just right for you, and for your budget.

What to Look for in a Good Travel Wallet

As you know, your needs may be different compared to the guy next to you. You could be a businessman who needs an extra layer of security for your electronic cards, or you could also be a stay-at-home dad who carries around a chunk of disposable cash all day.

This brings us to our main point. When picking a trustworthy wallet that’s perfect for you: It’s important to know what your needs are, and how you’re planning to use your wallet.

This will ultimately be unique to YOU. Ask yourself: “Do I carry lots of credit cards?”, “Will I need space for tons of cash?”, “How about security? Do I need to buy a wallet that’s RFID-secure?”

Take a minute to reflect on your needs. To put it simply, answer the question: “What will I put on my wallet?”

You’ll definitely be able to pick the perfect wallet to carry all your daily essentials when you know the answer to this question.Now you might be wondering, “I still don’t know what wallet to buy!”

Here are 4 key factors to consider helping you choose the perfect wallet:


A lot of men tend to deny that they care about how they look physically, and you know this is not true at all. Especially when it comes to wallets. Deep inside, you don’t want to be seen carrying around an old-grumpy dirty wallet that looks like it’s been used as a dog toy. Vault Design makes slick wallets. Our wallets make traditional leather wallets a thing of the past! We focus on providing clients modern wallets that they can show off to anyone around them, no matter the occasion. The thing with design is, it’s subjective. What you want is up to you. When picking YOUR wallet, focus on what you want instead of what the vendor or your loved ones think looks good for you. Remember, you are the one who’ll be carrying your wallet around. Travel wallets for men are not just a tool, it can also be the missing ingredient to your outfit. You need to take your time picking a wallet that you’ll love using. Otherwise, you might just as well throw money down the drain.

Another thing is to look for stores that offer a great number of wallet designs to choose from. Check out Vault Design. They have a pretty slick collection of travel wallets for men.


Though it may seem standard that ALL wallets be built from strong, quality materials, there are still a lot of rip-off companies who make sub standard wallets made from cheap materials. After all, your wallet will carry your most important items including cards and cash. Pick a wallet that not only looks great but also feels like it will last a long time. We suggest that you go for wallets made of high-grade materials whether it be leather or metal. Go to a reputable store that’s known for the quality of its products. If you’re looking for the best travel wallet that’s durable yet budget-friendly, check out Vault Design.


As men, we know that there’s nothing worse than having your outfit ruined by a big bulge in your pocket. You don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a dapper suit only to attract attention for the wrong reasons. Having an annoying bulge in your pockets! You want to pick a wallet that’s perfect in size. Vault Design’s wallet for men is slim and perfect to fit inside your pocket. What’s surprising is that our wallets hold up to 12 cards despite its design, making them the top choice for the best travel wallet for men.

Protection or Security

Sadly, theft has always been a common occurrence. Wallets have always been a go-to theft item for criminals. You always need to take the necessary precautions if you don’t want the things you’ve worked hard to disappear like magic. And this proves that all wallets are not built equal. Luckily, some wallets are built in such a way that they hide their appearance when it’s inside your pockets. Slim wallets create the illusion that what you have isn't a wallet. (Unlike what most thieves are used to prey on). Speaking of magic, thieves can also steal from you even without any physical contact. This is known as electronic theft. Criminals use a pocket-sized radio frequency scanner that can cost less than $100 or a smartphone equipped with near field communications capabilities. Just in 2019 alone, $1.48 billion has been reported to be stolen.

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This is just the tip of the iceberg. Imagine those who haven’t even realized they’ve been stolen from! The best travel wallets are those that are slim and are built with RFID-blocking materials. Vault Design’s wallets are built with RFID-secure materials. This means all your cards are protected from electronic theft. These wallets also have cash clips which let you carry some cash whenever you need it. Not to mention, the slim design also helps you hide the appearance of your wallet.

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