5 Things To Consider Before Buying RFID Wallet In UAE

As much as credit cards help us to transact easily and hassle-free, they do possess a scary downside. It sounds very interesting that cards can help you get away with your money transfers and cash dealings, however, it is intimidating that these cards can be a threat to your identity and savings. According to Siciliano, researchers have been able to expose vulnerabilities in RFID credit cards in controlled environments. With attackers having devices easily available to them, without even having to get into your pocket, the identity theft is creating increased danger everyday. Even if you are an extremely careful person, your data can be stolen under your nose without you being suspicious about it. And before you realise, your details are already in use to empty your savings. What’s worse is no awareness or preventive measures issued in this regard. According to one of the creditcard polls in the U.S., it is stated that they are skeptical about the 8 percent of Americans who say they have taken no data security risks in the past 12 months. It is not surprising that Americans are very worried about ID theft. In fact, almost half (46 percent) say realizing their identity had been stolen. 

However, we are just spreading awareness with the best solutions. RFID wallets have become immensely popular among the youth for protecting their cards. RFID wallets  manufacturers take strips of carbon fiber wires and weave them together to make a flexible fabric. This flexible fabric is then inserted in wallet materials like metal fibres or leather. It is this extra layer ensures that RFID wallets are effective to prevent data thefts from your cards. The investment in these wallets must be a thoughtful one as it is about holding the most important electronic information about you and your deposits. 

What are the major things you must consider before buying an RFID wallet? 

There are two aspects of RFID wallets which you must keep in mind while making an investment. 

1. Technology 

    When we talk about the technology, RFID wallets are security providers, hence they must be the safest options for our cards. The technology plays a crucial role in defining the functionality of your wallet. Here are the few points you should keep in mind:-

    High Permeability:

    With the ability to produce a magnetic field around your credit and debit cards, as well as your passport, RFID readers won’t be able to steal any of your data. Metals with high permeability are the best to choose when it comes to protecting your digital information. They naturally deter electric charges, which means that they won’t need any human-made intervention. 

    Faraday Cage: 

    The most efficient way to protect your data from RFID scanners is to use a Faraday cage, which involves the weaving of materials. You will want to ensure the material is both ductile and malleable so that it can be weaved together to create a fabric. 

    2. Utility 

      After all, what is a use of a fancy wallet if you can’t carry your essentials in it! You must focus on your necessities and justify if the wallet you intend to purchase matches it. Here are a few points you must look for without failure:- 

      Money Clip: 

      There is an attached money clip in many variants of RFID wallets, like the Noosa and the Bondi. These can really help you in times to carry loose cash and can help you be more organised. In this way you won’t have to struggle to find banknotes in your wallet scratching between your cards. 


      Materials of the wallet speak a lot about your preferences and personality. Moreover, material defines the lustre of the wallet which impacts how people are likely to get enticed to your wallet. Highly lustrous wallets are not suggested as it may attract thieves. Moreover, wallets are a statement for your standards and classic wallets often tend to pose an unforgettable impression of yours. 


      The number of compartments or the subsections must be carefully noticed. It will help you decide if a wallet is enough to carry your necessities or not. Say you require a capacity of upto 15 cards, you must opt for the Bondi. Now, if you have lesser requirements, you can go for the Noosa as well. 


      It is difficult to change wallets frequently because of the amount of time it needs to pick up, buy, and transfer everything to a new wallet. Moreover, it takes time for you to adjust with new settings of your wallet. Therefore, you always require your wallet to be. 

      Light Weight: 

      The slim wallets are light in weight to ensure that you carry all your essentials without any additional bulge or load on your pocket. It doesn’t add a heaviness to your pockets hence making it an effective choice for regular usage.
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